What is Energy Medicine?

Imagine the body as a Bio-Computer. There is hardware [muscles, tendons, and bones] and software [chemical processes, electrical communication, and belief systems]. Bodywork is helpful to repair blockages and imbalances in the hardware. However, when the challenges are chronic there is typically a “program” in the software that is not running correctly. Energy Medicine helps repair the body’s software.

Our nervous system and organs systems operate in complex patterns to promote balance and communication through the holistic body. When we experience a trauma, illness, or are exposed to harmful pathogens, it is common for internal communication and organization to breakdown and tangle, resulting in dis-ease.

The body wants to run well. Wellness is our natural state. With this in mind, Tuck practices a myriad of techniques to uncover the source of discomfort and illness so that we may return to a state of ease.