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About Chappaz Massage

Stephanie Rubido, Bellingham Massage TherapistStephanie Rubido L.M.P., Owner

Stephanie attended the Whatcom Community College Massage Therapy program from Sept. 2003-Sept. 2004. Shortly after, she opened Chappaz Massage inside Gold’s Gym, successfully reaching her goal of being an independant business owner. Her interest in the health and wellness field sparked her love for massage. Providing quality therapeutic massage to all who need it is her passion and she takes pride in developing an atmosphere of compassion, comfort and trust for her clients.

In 2016 Stephanie moved Chappaz Massage to Sycamore Square in Fairhaven.

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Tuck Tyrrell, Teacher, Healer, Guide

Tuck is an Energy Medicine practitioner, a Yogi teacher, and a ceaseless student.  He graduated from the University of Richmond in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, became a Certified Yoga Teacher through South Boston Yoga that same year, and was trained as a Biomagnetic Pair Therapist through the Biomagnetic Research Institute in 2016.

Tuck’s journey as a healer began by learning how to heal himself. In 2012, Tuck suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, which ended a rugby career and sparked the path to healing and understanding. After discovering that the Conventional Medicine approach was not addressing the complexities of his dis-ease, Tuck found growth and solace in Energy Medicine, Yoga, and Meditation.

This path has taken many turns, all of which are building upon the last. From a student in dire need of help and healing, to a teacher sharing how to heal, to a practitioner helping people and communities heal of trauma and disease.

Tuck has studied with Energy Medicine masters through the Americas. Acupuncturists, chiropractors, bio-resonance practitioners, and bodyworkers have all contributed to the dynamic practice he holds today. A foundation in Physics and daily personal practice allows an integration of intellect and intuition to form a holistic approach to healing and growth.

Tuck uses Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Acupressure, and NeuroMuscular Reprogramming. His practice focuses on the body’s bioelectric system to detoxify the organ systems, invite communication through the nervous system, and detangle kinetic chains of the fascial tissues. Through muscle testing and deep listening he is able to uncover the root cause of symptoms and guide the body to naturally unwind, reorganize, and heal.